Welcome to Allure Candle Collections Blog

Welcome to my very first candle blog post, I am so excited that you decided to stop by and hear some of the amazing things I’ll be sharing on my blog as it relates to candles and life. 

So let me introduce myself, my name is Jasmine Earl, I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a mother to a 10-year-old, Jay'Den, and my other baby is Allure Candle Collections!

Allure Candle Collections, "Ummm" I bet you're dying to know how I came up with the name! So the first thing I did was load up on words from the dictionary. I sat there for hours flipping pages in the dictionary and thinking about what I wanted my brand name to say to others. The definition of the word Allure means to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable, and with every candle scent, I wanted that to be the customer's thought, to be tempted and flattered by our amazing scented candles. 

My purpose for creating this blog is to inspire and keep you updated on all the latest details, so I encourage you to come along for the journey and visit our candle shop to check out amazing scented candles.  

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