Meet The Maker 

 Hi, my name is Jasmine Earl and I am the proud owner of Allure Candle Collections. The idea of starting Allure Candle Collection originated from my love of candles and wanting to share some of my most memorable times through scents, each candle tells a story that I hold dear to my heart, either it’s from where I’ve been or where I want to be. 

Candles have always been a love of mine and I enjoy being able to make candles that will fill up your homes with amazing scents mixed by me. Each purchase means a great deal to me and I thank you for your support.  

-A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.



At Allure Candle Collections we strive to design each candle to represent a story in my life. Allure Candles are 100% all-natural hand-poured with coconut and soy wax, in a variety of scents and jars that last up to 60-65 hours.

Here at Allure Candle Collections when you place an order know that your items were made especially for you by us with love and care, which means that all candles are made individually at a time to ensure the best aroma.